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Tourney Machine / Shootout Registration Guide

  1. Upon clicking the registration link, you will need to login to your Tourney Team account.  If you do not have one, you will need to register.

  2. After signing in, create a new team for each team you wish to register.

  3. Once your team(s) are created, you will be able to choose the team and division from the dropdown to proceed with registration.  *Note that all teams will be added to the waitlist until approved by the registrar.  You will be notified once you have been moved to the active list.

  4. If you desire to register another team, you may do so on the next page.

  5. If you have registered all your teams, you may then use the Continue to Payment button and complete the registration.
  6. If you have opted to only pay the deposit, you may return at a later time to pay the full balance.

For any additional issues, please contact